Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to join?

How do I sign up?

You can find the sign-up form [here].

Under "Player Information" your username and password can be whatever you like, and your Real Name is what the Commanding Officer will use to keep track of who's who (more on 'alts' later). Your email address is essential, as it is how you will be kept up to date with new mission posts, and of course where we send the confirmation once the CO has checked over your application.

The sections under "Character Information" can contain whatever you like (as long as it is compliant with the [Simm Rules]), and you can leave the larger boxes for a little while if you'd like to get a feel for your character first. You will need to pick a position, although the U.S.S. Regardless is not appointing any Senior Officers at this time.

What can I 'be'?

In short - pretty much anything you want to be. The drop-down box in the "position" field on your application form will give you a full list of current vacancies, or it can be browsed in context with the current crew-roster [here].

Regarding race, gender and appearance - that is pretty much up to your imagination, although improbable and/or impossible combinations (such as Cardassian/Bajoran or Klingon/Tarantula hybrid life-forms) may be questioned or rejected. The Commanding Officer's decision on these matters is final.

So, who IS the Commanding Officer?

The Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Regardless is currently Lieutenant Commander Kate Glover, who has many years of experience in assorted varieties of Trek-based roleplay. Her profile can be found [here].

What rank will I be?

Where you start out tends to depend on your previous experience. People with zero previous role-play experience will start off on a sub-officer level grade so that they can find their feet and have room to grow. Those with some prior experience or an in-depth knowledge of Star Trek will usually start with the rank of Ensign, the first of the Officer grades. Those who served on U.S.S. Pharaoh - Beta Shift may sometimes be granted a higher initial rank. Again, decisions on these matters are made by the Commanding Officer and their decision is final.

What should I post about?

You can post about anything that your character witnesses or experiences, unless it directly affects the actions of another player's character. For example, you could not state that you saw Lt. Cmdr. Glover killed in an explosion, or Ensign Korvir mysteriously beamed away unless those characters had posted that information themselves. If Ensign Korvir states that he was mysteriously beamed way - you could then take credit for that, but you could not instigate it as he would then lose control over his own destiny.

Can I have more than one character?

Yes - you can, as long as you have no more than three (usually one main, and two 'alts') and they all serve in different departments from one another. This is to prevent anyone from 'hogging' a department to themselves. Besides - why have three characters in Security when you could just make your Security-based character more active?