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The official home of Star Trek on the Internet. What more needs to be said? [Link]

Kuro-RPG is an archive website containing a large assortment of Kuro-chan made and guest-made graphic art. The majority of available work is in a media known as ranksets. They are small images designed to denote "Rank", such as the rank within a hierarchy or military structure, for instance. Currently, there are over 40,000 individual rank images available for download there. This media is often used on information websites, forums and SIMMs, including the one we use here on the U.S.S. Regardless. [Link]

A HUGE resource site which contains static and dynamic panels from all series of Trek.

Anodyne Productions - Simm Management System [Link]

Simm Management System 2 (or SMS2 for short) is the database system on which the U.S.S. Regardless is based in Real Life. Although it is kindly provided by Anodyne Productions for free, it is a top-notch piece of kit and not hampered by shareware limitations.