Simm Rules

While we take no pleasure in having to enforce rules and our primary aims here are to have fun and enjoy Star Trek - a few simple ground rules have to be laid down to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn-sheet, and that everyone can have fun.

1. Posts may be up to, but no longer than 3 paragraphs. This helps to ensure that no-one "takes over" the mission, and helps members to ensure that their posts are concise and free from unnecessary "waffle".

2. You are permitted to play multiple characters (up to a maximum of 3, one primary and two "alts"), however your characters must serve in different departments from one another.

3. After posting, you must wait for another member to post before you post again. While you can make subsequent posts with your "alts", if you do so, you must then wait for TWO more posts to appear before posting again yourself.

4. When addressing or referring to a member higher in the chain of command than yourself, appropriate terms of address are "Sir." their rank and surname, or their rank alone.

5. When addressing or referring to a member lower in the chain of command than yourself, appropriate terms of address are "Mister" then their surname, their rank then their surname, their rank alone, and in crisis situations only, their surname alone.

6. No profanity or explicit/adult content. Any member of the public can read our mission posts, so let's keep things Starfleet eh?

7. Posts must be written in the first person, and as if events are unfolding through the duration of the post (present/near past tense).

8. You can NOT affect the actions and speech of characters owned by other people. You may cause action/speech for your own characters and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) only. You may issue orders or pose questions to other Player Characters (PCs), but they must be able to chose how they respond. If in doubt - the Personnel page indicates which characters are PCs and which are NPCs.

9. Keep things in context. If the CO is on the bridge in their last post, it would be silly to then attempt to hold a conversation with them in the Engine Room (unless you state that it is via the Comm system). If a PC or NPC is listed as a 6' 5" well-built Klingon, you wouldn't pick them first to go through the partially-blocked Jeffries Tube. Use your common-sense.

10. In the case of any disputes - the Commanding Officer's decision is final. While it is hoped that rule 10 need never be invoked - it is an unfortunate fact of life that it needs to be here.